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- Your Supplier Of Choice For Premium CBD Pre-rolls, Gummies, and Flower. -

Why Mulligan CBD?

Premium CBD Pre-rolls, Gummies, and Flower.

We’re a community of CBD enthusiasts who want the very best for our customers.

Handpicked to the highest standard, our products are available to order direct or wholesale.

We’re passionate about premium quality.

We care about you – our customers, suppliers, and partners.

We strive to supply the best possible CBD products for us all to enjoy.

Interesting Numbers

CBD Legality100%
CBD Familiarity64%
Female Users 56%
Male Users44%

Hitting A Mulligan Is Always Better!

About Mulligan CBD

Quick Fun Fact! CBD (cannabidiol) doesn't make you high; CBD is non-psychoactive.

We ventured into this industry knowing the happy feeling of smoking a Mulligan right down the fairway! In the golfing community, a “mulligan” is known as an unpenalized second shot, giving you a better hit.

And we’re always searching for a better hit!

The importance of playing with confidence and the benefit of non-psychoactive-focus to keep you playing at your best is widely understood (and you can read all about it in our research here). We’ve found success in managing temperament with terpenes for the best performance on and off the course.

Golfer or non-golfer, we all deserve the best. So go ahead, take a Mulligan!

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