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Morning Fog – Pre-Rolled Joints


Get A Bright Start To Your Day With Morning Fog!

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Forget the morning coffee!

This crisp and vibrant smoke packs all the punch you need to power you through the morning. Flavors complimenting the crisp morning air, with a stimulating fresh floral aroma, Morning Fog is the strain to bring some laser focus to your day.

When a new day dawns, jump straight into the fast lane with this enlivening and stimulating smokable. Morning Fog is the ideal choice first thing in the morning; bright, rich, and guaranteed to set your day off right, this hemp strain will help ensure your day is productive, active, and bright.

So, whether you’re a golfer looking for a drive straight out of the clubhouse or a professional looking for the drive and dynamism to succeed, Morning Fog gets you clear down the fairway and onto the freeway too.

With a satisfying energy boost, this energizing and fresh smokable puts a spring in your step and is a wonderful way to tee up your day.


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