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Forget about killer synthetics: CBD is what you desperately need

In the past couple of years, synthetic drugs have been on the rise. From fentanyl to spice, the chances are high that you have read about them. 

An important point to note, though, is that these are spices of death, and we will give practical examples. 

Michael K. Williams died on September 6th, 2021, and according to BBC News, “US actor Michael K Williams died after overdosing on a combination of heroin, cocaine, fentanyl, and p-fluorofentanyl, the New York Chief Medical Examiner has confirmed.”

In a different case, as reported by PEOPLE, Daniel Michelson also died of fentanyl. “According to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner, the 23-year-old star died of fentanyl and cocaine toxicity on July 4, PEOPLE can confirm.”

Spice is a dangerous synthetic cannabinoid

Spice is one of the many toxic synthetic cannabinoids, and it’s on the rise. It is a long-range of chemicals produced in a lab and works by mimicking the effects of THC. 

According to research, spice is 100 times stronger than natural cannabis. According to Anders Helander from Karolinska Institutet, “These substances were between 50 and 100 times stronger than THC, the active ingredient of natural cannabis, which means that anyone having a puff would be getting the equivalent of 50-100 puffs of marijuana. The result was lots of overdoses and cases of acute kidney failure, liver problems, and respiratory arrest.”

According to NIDA, spice has also led to some deaths. In a closer overview, both spice and fentanyl have been associated with deaths. 

Understandably, people are leading busy lives, and therefore, their minds need calmness and relaxation. Could it be the reason why they are desperately taking killer synthetic cannabinoids? 

What we know is that the best solution at this point is to use CBD to enhance mental relaxation and calmness. However, there are cases of some sellers contaminating CBD with spice. The solution is to only buy CBD after ascertaining that it has undergone lab tests. 

Why use CBD to enhance calmness?

1. Research shows that CBD indeed helps

One of the facts about CBD is that it lacks an intoxicating high. Instead of people going for weird drugs that have been determined as deadly, it’s better to chill out with a non-intoxicating high that is shown to help people calm the mind. 

CBD enhances calmness by stimulating the cannabinoid receptors of the Endocannabinoid System. A piece of a study conducted by The Permanente Journal showed that this interaction leads to the reduction of anxiety and thus promotes sleep. 

By default, if you work under stressful conditions, you will desperately need to sleep calmly, and as the research shows, high-quality CBD does just that. 

2. Cannabidiol is safe

Research from the World Health Organization shows that CBD is generally well tolerated by its users, and thus it’s safe. 

However, as we have mentioned above, some unscrupulous sellers are infusing spice into CBD products, which calls for alertness from the end-user. One way of ensuring what you are getting is safe is by checking the lab results of any CBD product you will opt for. 

3. There are different CBD products 

Using Cannabidiol for relaxation and calmness doesn’t have to be boring. For example, you may decide to get a functional high by smoking CBD pre-rolls or even chewing yummy CBD-rich gummy products. 

If you feel nervous and uncalm during the day, you can decide to smoke some Bermuda Nitro pre-rolled joints and get your day energized with a euphoric blend of what Cannabidiol has to offer. 

Is your sunset not as thrilling because of the stressors of the day? What if you smoke some Retro Sunset as you bid goodbye to the nuisance and perfectly reminisce the good moments? 

For those who smoking isn’t their favorite cup of coffee, the Island Dreams Premium CBD gummies are just what you are looking for at any time of the day to ensure safety and effectiveness. 

4. CBD could reduce heroin cravings

The Journal of Neuroscience published that CBD can reduce cravings for the consumption of heroin. While at this, it is worth it mentioning that fentanyl isn’t easily identified in cocaine and heroin. 

This implies that taking heroin that is contaminated with fentanyl can kill you. Isn’t it logical to opt for a safe organic compound instead of going after a fatal drug?

5. CBD is legal

The December 2018 Farm Bill legalized the hemp plant, which rendered CBD federally legal. 

When you take CBD to keep yourself calm, you are assured that you won’t go contrary to the law. This is, of course, the opposite when you opt to go for unprescribed synthetic drugs such as spice and fentanyl. 

6. CBD is non-habit forming

One of the praised benefits of CBD is that it isn’t addictive. While some people opt to go for opioids to keep them calm and relaxed, some of the users later become addicted, and coming out of it might become an uphill task. 

However, Cannabidiol has shown to be an effective chemical compound that doesn’t induce addiction. Instead, research shows that those struggling with opioid addiction could benefit from consuming CBD. No need to rely on opioids while CBD can help without detrimental side effects/ 

7. CBD enhances sound sleep

It’s possible to stay calm and relaxed during the day. But what about the night? CBD users say that it helps them sleep well and for the needed hours. 

Since the Endocannabinoid System regulates bodily functions such as sleep, you don’t have to let insomnia bother you so much. In contrast, you can have the cannabinoid receptors of this system stimulated by Cannabidiol, thus enabling you to sleep better.

In summary

Life is already hard, and the life span is reducing further by the day. Instead of consuming deadly synthetic cannabinoids and drugs that have long been rendered illegal, high-quality CBD is absolutely the organic chemical compound your body needs. 

From the kind of feedback that online users provide about how CBD has helped them stay calm and relaxed during stressful moments and in other conditions such as pain, it is high time that everyone cares about themselves and their loved ones by avoiding what has already been seen as a killer drug.

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