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The Dangers of Smoking Cigarettes and the Ultimate Alternative (Pre-rolled Joints)

As more and more people became aware of the health perils posed by tobacco cigarettes, most manufacturers opted to go for tar and nicotine cigars that arguably cause less harm.

The hard truth to face here, though, is that all these cigarettes harbor many side effects to the user and those nearby (passive smokers). 

Fortunately, if you can’t help yourself from smoking to unwind, get energized, or just feel good, then hemp pre-rolled joints are what you desperately need. 

What health concerns do cigarettes have?

  1. Deterioration of the lung health

The regular cigarettes you see or smoke have more chemicals than just tobacco, nicotine, and tar. 

Cigarette smoking leads to long-term lung damage in various ways. According to a study, cigarette smoking ups the dangers of contracting lung cancer by 25.7 times in women and 25 times in men. 

Out of those who have lung cancer and die, research shows that 9/10 of the victims are smokers.

Other than lung cancer, scientists also believe that cigarette smoking also causes bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder). 

  1. Fertility concerns

The different chemicals in cigarettes may sometimes lead to altering the hormone levels in the body. 

In the worst-case scenario, smoking cigarettes leads to damaging the reproductive system in women; thus, making getting pregnant difficult or outright impossible. 

For some men who smoke for long, their sperm quality gets adversely affected, thus lowering their fertility. For others, smoking cigarettes leads to higher chances of suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. 

  1. Poor oral health

Some cigarette smokers suffer from gum disease, tooth decay, halitosis, or even tooth loss due to weakened gums. Gum infections (periodontitis) can actually damage the bone supporting the teeth. 

Besides leading to the teeth falling, gum infections also cause aches, especially when chewing. 

Some long-time smokers also struggle with unwanted yellow color on their teeth, which is related to the tar in cigarettes. 

  1. Unhealthy hair and skin

Most cigarette smokers have developed facial wrinkles faster than their counterparts. Additionally, they are at a higher risk of contracting skin cancer on their lips. 

Others struggle with baldness and hair loss, which is a characteristic of long-term tobacco smoking. 

Smoking regular cigarettes also causes an uneven skin tone among some addicts. This is so because it affects some blood vessels carrying nutrients and oxygen. The deprivation of the two necessities leads to some smokers having some parts of the face turning pale. 

  1. Weak bones

Smoking cigarettes is reportedly one of the leading causes of reduced bone density, and this means the bones are more brittle and weak, especially on the hips. 

After a bone fracture, scientists also believe that cigarette smoking also leads to impaired healing. 

  1. Cardiovascular problems 

The chemicals in cigarettes increase the chances of the smoker suffering from cardiovascular maladies. This is so because after some time of smoking, a plague (atherosclerosis) sticks in the artery walls moments after building up in the blood. 

The plague reduces blood flow, which leads to a blood clot. The heart rate then increases, and then the blood pressure goes up. 

Additionally, blood clots and reduction of blood flow, all thanks to cigarette smoking, lead to stroke, heart attack, and coronary heart disease. 

  1. Pregnancy problems

Scientists believe that pregnant women shouldn’t smoke cigarettes as there are different risks. These include reducing the baby’s weight, damaging some fetus’s organs, such as the central nervous system, and increased chances of preterm delivery. 

  1. Addiction

Cigarettes have some amounts of nicotine in them, which is the compound associated with addiction.

In fact, it’s difficult for a cigarette smoker to wake up just one day and say that they have quit smoking forever. 

This is so because once one smokes nicotine, they feel pleasant effects which distract them to think there are no unpleasant effects. The user then keeps on wanting some more, which makes quitting a pipedream for many. 

Hemp pre-rolled joints: the best alternative to cigarette smoking

The above list is by far nowhere near exhaustive. The truth is that there are tens of dangers of smoking cigarettes. 

Until when will we keep damaging ourselves and those near us? Think of that underweight baby you may give birth to, all thanks to smoking nicotine or even how you are upping your chances of suffering from skin cancer. 

Thankfully, you can smoke hemp pre-rolled joints and worry less about the health concerns caused by cigarette smoking. In fact, below is how you will benefit from hemp pre-rolled joints. 

  • Hemp pre-rolled joints are non-addictive

Hemp pre-rolled joints such as the Bermuda Nitro and Retro Sunset harbor Cannabidiol (CBD) as the primary ingredient. (Check the lab results)

One of the critical properties of CBD is that it is a non-addictive chemical compound from hemp. If you were keen enough, you could have noted that cigarettes have nicotine, which leads to addiction. 

With pre-rolled joints, you just need to smoke your perfect joint (depending on the time of the day) and enjoy your incredible, functional high. 

Moreover, scientists believe that CBD helps smokers shun away from the addiction caused by smoking cigarettes. So, if you are a tobacco addict, you can test and see how it goes with our pre-rolls. 

  • Generally safer

While there are no 100’s of pieces of research to show how pre-rolled joints are safe, you can bet on us when we tell you that hemp pre-rolls are safer than cigarettes. 

Firstly, the World Health Organization says that CBD is generally safe and well-tolerated by most users. 

Secondly, premium CBD pre-rolls offer nothing but premium quality regarding what the user is smoking. Is it the rolling paper? The hemp plants used to make the flower? Premium stuff. With that in mind, there is no worry about finding harmful substances emitted by low-quality rolling paper or even additives such as nicotine. 

  • Cheaper

Yes, we mean it. Hemp pre-rolled joints are cheaper in the short and long term than cigarettes. 

The buying price for our premium CBD pre-rolls is affordable for most adults. There is also no worry about spending your time and money getting hospitalized, which could have been possible with cigarette smoking. 

In summary

Instead of smoking CBD cigarettes and battling the plethora of side effects, smoking premium CBD pre-rolls is currently the new normal. 

Some online users have publicly said that hemp pre-rolled joints have made them stop relying on tobacco. We will be happy to welcome you to the bandwagon of those who wish to lead safer, healthier lives today!

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